Saturday, December 25, 2010

Episode 18: Rider from Shang-Tu

Merry Christmas, everyone!  We are joined this week by Darcy and Holly to discuss the evil intents of Acomat.  Written by John Lucarotti.  Directed by Waris Hussein.  Original air date: March 21, 1964.  Audio length: 78 mins 9 secs.

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  1. Here are links to a reconstruction by recon_mission on Dailymotion. They might clear things up but will at least add another fan look at the missing show. He does great work and loves doing recons. I hope these links work and they are divided into 3 parts for each episode as he originally posted them on youtube:
    Marco Polo 5.1
    Marco Polo 5.2
    Marco Polo 5.3
    The other episodes will appear below and all you have to do is select them. This is the playlist of this story so don't go to his main page or you will see other future episodes listed.

    (Going to be a long post ;p) A few comments on things you were confused/unclear on:
    I believe the whole crew exited the tent after Ian found the dead gaurd. I believe the group except Ian went back into the tent after one of them caught sight of Tegana at the campfire. I can only assume the angle of sight was such that they saw him and he was not facing them to see the group. (Recons do help visualize but can't tell you everythign without naration or the scripts for the episodes)

    I enjoyed you mention about the story being similiar to the chess match. That was an interesting point with all the dialogue and character behavior. Whether or not this was what the writers intended or not is unknown to me.

    The Value of the TARDIS. It is clear that Marco Polo wants to give it as a gift to Kubla Khan to allow him to go home. The Fact that four travelers traveled in this small caravan and that it flies makes it valuable. Tegana thinks it is a magic caravan and holds great power that will give his master dominance over the Khan. Whether or not Tegana may have seen the TARDIS appear or the 4 exit it is unclear but he clearly knows it is very valuable.

    The story might get animated at a later date but the company doing the release of Doctor who dvd's is working on the full stories that exist. As of yet they have no plans that I know o to do any animation of missing stories beyond the two they did to complete one story. In an interview with the head of that company, they have to secure funding for the animation and also select the right anmation studio to do the stories justice. They want a quality product for release. I would love to see them all done.

    I enjoyed hearing how you wondered about the Doctors 'darkside'(Can't think of a better word for it). It is interesting that you still are unclear as of yet if he would do anyhting necessary. I am curious as to when you might think in later stories if he has gotten past this 'darkside' or not. Please say in a future podcast if you think he is now free of his 'darkside'.

    I might email you some comments on the next episodes but that will depend on real life events and work, plus I am not certain how far you have gotten in watching the episodes. Keep up the great work and I am glad you got your time machine working again ;p.

  2. I totally forgot to post this earlier. I recall that you think the way William Hartnell portrays himself at the console of the TARDIS seems to indicate he doesn't fully understand or no how to operate it. You noticed he wiggles his fingers over the controls as an example of this. (I don't recall everything you have said and I am going off of my memory as I am too lazy right now to listen to that podcast again.) You also had a theory that perhaps the TARDIS was meant to have 6 poeple operating it based on the 6 sides of the console.

    If you are correct in this theory about 6 operators, my question to you two is, what does that say about the Doctor and his control of the TARDIS since he is doing the job of 6 people? Curious to hear your answer and to have you two respond in the podcast. Figured it might be interesting to have your thoughts on this shared with others in the podcast and I hope other listeners perhaps might enjoy hearing your reaponces to make this podcast more interactive. Look forward to another episode soon.

  3. The guys are correct in assuming that the tardis needs 6 operators. The Doctor confirms this in Journeys End.

    Well done guys. well worked out!

  4. Please remember what they asked, no spoilers. What the two of you need is some one that can edit out the spoilers and help to keep this from happening.

  5. i can beg, no shame, who do i need to get on my knees and grovel to? the keys of marinus are waiting, waiting!!! cant....wait!