Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Notice of Slight Delay!

Hi everyone. Just thought I'd jump in to tell you that Episode 16 will be delayed due solely to my schedule of shifted priorities this week. Apologies to the fans, and to Doug, for keeping everyone waiting!

We still want to get back on track with regular Twhosday updates sometime in the near future, but please bear with us the next couple months in the meantime.


(Jumps in TARDIS and disappears.)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Episode 15: The Singing Sands

Two extremely special guests join us this week (for the first time!) to discuss the 2nd episode in the "Marco Polo" saga, "The Singing Sands".  Tune in to find out the relation.  This is our longest (and hopefully most engaging) podcast yet!  Episode starring Mark Eden as Marco Polo and William Hartnell as Doctor Who, originally aired February 29, 1964 (a leap day).  Audio length: 74 mins 46 secs.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Episode 14: The Roof of the World

THE MISSING EPISODES ARE HERE!!!  In Marco Polo, Part 1, Doug and Kevin take a look at (or is that a listen to?) the various audio and video reconstructions that exist for this first "lost" episode of Doctor Who.  (So for those of you who have inquired, yes, we are covering them!)  Tune in to hear what we have to say.  Originally aired February 22, 1964 and directed by Waris Hussein.  Starring William Hartnell as Doctor Who and Mark Eden as Marco Polo.  Audio length: 64 mins 27 secs.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Episode 13: The Brink of Disaster

[Ed note: Our ship malfunctioned this week, much like the TARDIS, so we're a little late with the new episode.  But don't despair, we'll soon be back on track!  Thanks for the eager anticipation!]  In "The Brink of Disaster", strange things continue to happen aboard the TARDIS until an unlikely candidate realizes what the problem is.  Kevin dubs this episode "The Four Seasons" and explains what that's all about throughout the podcast.  Starring William Hartnell as Doctor Who, written by David Whitaker, directed by Frank Cox.  Originally aired February 15, 1964.  Audio length: 61 mins 46 secs.

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