Friday, October 22, 2010

Episode 15: The Singing Sands

Two extremely special guests join us this week (for the first time!) to discuss the 2nd episode in the "Marco Polo" saga, "The Singing Sands".  Tune in to find out the relation.  This is our longest (and hopefully most engaging) podcast yet!  Episode starring Mark Eden as Marco Polo and William Hartnell as Doctor Who, originally aired February 29, 1964 (a leap day).  Audio length: 74 mins 46 secs.

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  1. Yay! A new episode! I'm almost finished watching a recon of this episode.

    On a technical note, your podcasts seem to take a long time to download. I notice that, not surprisingly as a new podcast, you're using a free hosting service, but they're throttling your bandwidth. I host all audio for my blog/podcast on It's free and has no bandwidth or storage restrictions. You should look into it.

  2. I tried using originally to upload (sub of, but the files never registered for some reason (tried twice, separate occasions).

    Maybe I'll look into other options if it continues to be an issue. Thanks for the observation.

  3. By the way, I should plug here that Darcy and Holly, who appear in this episode, have their own podcast websites: and
    Check them out!

  4. Very nice job with this episode. And the special guests were a kick! You made a pleasant foursome.

    You discussed the oddness of the ending of Brink of Disaster and the feeling of "bait-and-switch". I totally get that. I think there was a drive by the story editor to end every episode on a cliff-hanger. Some story transitions just don't lend themselves to cliff-hangers, though, and we get weird stuff like the "giant's footprint".

    I'm enjoying Marco Polo more than I thought I would; the historicals haven't been my favorite, personally. I agree with Darcy that sometimes it's "better not to see it", or at least not to see it completely. The act of imagining in the gaps between the stills with the aid of the linking narration makes a story that I might otherwise find a bit boring suddenly quite interesting.

  5. Nice to a few more voices in the podcast. My first thought was that would be enjoyable but the ammount of editing my comments would make it better to simply be a listener. As it is, I would more then likely have to Teamspeak or skype or some other method of communicating with you along with the fun task of getting on at the same time and being free for the hour plus of time. That would take some doing to get everything working right.

    On to the episode, I was, thinking back to this, confused about the poison and Tegana and can only assume that he was an honorable villian, if that makes sense. While he did think of using it, as a warrior such an end would have no real victory. Yet the fact that he would have them linger and die from lack of water does make that arguement pointless. At this point he is a very complex character and we just don't have enough info to make a good judgement on him.

    Hartnells disappearance I believe was vacation related. Whenever you do have a character go missing you can assume that is they are on vacation. In this instance, I am uncertain and will have to look that up later.

    Loose cannon may have had access to the script so the little sentences the used to describe the action could have been taken from the script. I am uncertian but the scripts may be available in some instances but I never thought to check them out. Another option is the Traget novelizations of these stories. I wish I had them, and my brother might have them, but each story was eventually released in a book and a writer from the show turned the story into a book format. They did not appear in order of transmition but I think all of the stories did get a book to match the show. Maybe the fan recons had read the book to help clear up the missing action. You might want to talk to Johhnyfanboy about how he does recons for some insight into this.

    on a real side note I am loving the moments you imitate the Doctor in the podcast. It makes for some lovely moments in the show. I have to wait and wonder if you will have the same reaction to some of the other actors.

    It's a shame the facebook changed its layout, I don't know what could be used for a discusions area. I think I got your email address right and sent you a hello to test that. if you got nothing from me I goofed. I also did post some comments about your podcast to promote your show. I quoted your first post here and made it clear NO SPOILERS! These places have old fans of the show so I had to make that clear.

    Now to press on.