Friday, November 19, 2010

Episode 17: The Wall of Lies

Tegana is up to more mischief this week while Marco Polo has a change of character.  Also, Barbara's fate is revealed.  Originally aired March 14, 1964.  Directed by John Crockett.  Written by John Lucarotti.  Audio length: 59 mins 51 secs.

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  1. Caught up. I will have to watch the reconstruction to keep pace with you as well as get back to watching the serial from where I left off with the Cadmium 2 podcasts. They were up to covering the 40th story of Doctor who which is the last story of season 5. Can't wait to see your journey to that point.

    Nothing much to say on this episode but I am enjoying the powerplay between Ian and Tegana to sway Marco Polo. It is such a wonderful bit of drama overall. The way this story is pregressing, I can imagine all the mention of Kubla Khan and Shang Tu, we are expecting to see the mighty Khan and add another powerful figure to this mix, and perhaps we will see a guest appearance of Kirk :P (Could't resist that)

    I do have a list of questions for you but I will send them via email to save space here. While I am certainly will enjoy seeing a responce to confirm I got the email address right I think they might be something you could also use in the podcast before or after to give the listener some more insight as a new fan of the show.

    Once again I am very impressed at your thoughts on the show. Keep up the great work.