Saturday, November 13, 2010

Episode 16: Five Hundred Eyes

This week we look at the Doctor Who episode called "Five Hundred Eyes", or in some circles, "The Cave of Five Hundred Eyes".  Barbara secretly follows the warlord Tegana to the titular cave, which serves as a hideout for Nogai's minions.  Terrible developments unfold!  Originally aired March 7, 1964.  Written by John Lucarotti.  Directed by Waris Hussein.  Audio length: 62 mins 15 secs.

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  1. Is there anyplace we can watch the episodes too?

  2. If you are talking about our podcast, it is audio-only at this point! However, if you are referring to the original Marco Polo episodes, you can find various reconstructions on video sites like YouTube or DailyMotion, for example.

  3. There are 108 or 109 missing episodes total (Just giving you a heads up) you can talk to this fellow on youtube called Johnny Fanboy ( or on Dailymotion as recon_mission (
    This is the same guy and he has done some beautiful reconstructions of the missing epsiodes that do include any surviving footage. I hope this will help you out at these later points. Figured I would point this out and I look forward to listening to all your podcasts since I only discovered it tonight.

  4. Yeah, I've been watching the recon mission ones, as well as chadmoore36's on youtube. Kevin's also watching the Loose Cannon recons.

    We're glad to have you on board as a listenter, silentsz. Do you plan on starting from the very beginning and following along with us?


  5. I have only listened to the frirst podcast. I work at Best Buy in merch, aka unloading truck and stocking the store, so with our busy season my progress may be slow.

    Feel free to look at johnnyfanboy's recons, all the ones he has done are on Dailymotion and he is currently working on the longest Doctor Who story ever, 12 episodes.

    I hope you will consider a facebook page for discussions on what you covered and I posted your blog on the Cadmium2 - The Podcast of Cult Britannia facebook page. I look forward to listening to your journey of discovery into a show that has been a favorite of mine for years.

    I will be making comments on past podcasts as I listen to them. Enjoy your journey of discovery.

  6. We're trying our best to keep our podcast relatively timeless so new listeners won't feel pressured to "catch up." I mean, just the fact that we're discussing a 47-year-old show alone proves it can be enjoyed to at a leisurely pace.

    I took your advice about the Facebook page. Just search for Who Noobs.


  7. One more to go unless you sneak another in which would be delightful.

    The whole story Ping-Cho did needed to be prepared as it was a story telling and dance. As far as I understand they had a way of entertaining guests with stories in this manor. Without the video to see this I can not be certain but I think the recons I did see indicated this even though they did not say directly.

    The Tardisset was kept. The history behind that was that the BBC was complaining about cost, it was a 1500 pound set peice that Verity Lambert, the first female producer, argued to save the show with. She told them the set would be reused on all future episodes and end up saving them money in the long run. Give a shout out to her valiant effort that saved the show. Saddly she past away this year but was honored with an award for her work over the years.

    The comments you have about the cliffhangers is one I think you will be having for years to come. The serial lends itself to having a threat of somekind to draw the audience to see how this will be resolved. As far as I know every serial had the cliffhanger wrap up early in the next episode as the story continued. This just unfortunately is the nature of the style choosen.

    As for Barbara and Ian's not reacting about heading back to england 1963, I think perhaps they are just begining to accept the fate they are in. Sure it is early in the serial but if they continue to bother the Doctor with going back they would only end up irritating him. The Edge of Destruction appears to be the writers point of ending the bickering, tense relation they have with the Doctor and I don't think they thought it would be a good idea to keep this going. To use a reference to another old sci fi, Lost in Space, Dr. Zachary Smith had to evolve beyond his schemeing spy or he would have been removed from the series. I believe the tension had to stop at some point and this appears to be by what we are seeing to be that point. The Doctors acknowledging what Barbara did at the end of that 2 parter lends this some support but as you can see perhaps this is wrong since you see the Doctor still has his temper.