Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Episode 19: Mighty Kublai Khan

WHO-ednesday has arrived!!!

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Episode Info
Marco Polo, Episode 6: "Mighty Kublai Khan"
Originally aired March 28, 1964
Written by John Lucarotti
Directed by Waris Hussein
Starring William Hartnell as The Doctor
Podcasters: Doug and Kevin
Audio Length: 49 mins


  1. I want to say it is great to have you two back in action. I kept hoping you would return and my patience has been rewarded. Now that you are back into the swing of things, having come back from being lost in time and space, I will have to get back into my routine of watching the episode you are covering so I can properly make comments on your podcast. I am much further along then you two having just watched... of yeah spoilers ;p. Let's just say I am into the 6th year of the show.

    As to this episode, the comment you had about budget was dead on. If you remember the Edge of Destruction and Brink of Disaster episodes and how it was all set inside the TARDIS with just the main cast, you can see that the money they saved there was used on this story.

    I never gave any thought as to the 'magically' appearing characters and just have to chalk that up to the writers. It is going to be fun to see what other things your fresh eyes will catch that I have just accepted without any real thought.

    I hope you have not forgotten about the Ian fall count. That was another fun observation you took notice of that I look forward to you adding onto, well adding on if he has more falls, yet again I never bothered to take note of this.

    For your benefit here is a link to a recon by chadmoore36 of the next episode that has William Russell narrating the missing action. I recently discovered this and enjoyed how the naration helped to fill out the story.
    episode 7 part 1
    part 2
    part 3
    I look forward to your impression of the MIGHTY KUBLA KHAN!!!! KOW TOW!!!!

    Last thing, I want to remind you of my offer to edit out any spoilers posted here on your blog. I was rather upset at the one I saw and I am very happy to aid your effort in remaining spoilers free.

    Glad to see you have returned and I am very excited to hear your reaction to these episodes with a fresh eyes. Keep up the great work.

  2. bless you both, the keys of marinus await!

  3. Is this a permanent return or a one-off?

  4. This episode was recorded back in March, but we're expecting it to be the beginning of a steady return to regular recording. We've never for a moment planned on abandoning the project, but a combination of busyness mixed with some unfortunate events mixed with some procrastination resulted in such a long delay. Whatever happens, The Who Noobs will continue!

  5. We hope to post Marco Polo 7 this 'Twhosday' and then we'll have a few weeks delay before we truly relaunch on a weekly schedule (think late August). Reason is so we can build up a buffer of recordings that will help us maintain the weekly postings moving forward.