Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Episode 12: The Edge of Destruction

Following their harrowing escape from the Daleks, the four time-and-space travellers are rocked by a sudden explosion to their ship, the TARDIS, and then strange events start to occur.  It's an interesting departure from what we've seen in previous episodes thus far.  Doug and Kevin seem to have different takes on the episode this week.  Also, Doug drops a Salvador Dali reference and Kevin is totally clueless!  Originally aired February 8, 1964.  Directed by Richard Martin, written by David Whitaker.  Audio length:  61 mins 49 secs.

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  1. Are you guys okay? I'm missing my WhoNoobs!

  2. hell yeah, i'm all over the brink!!

  3. OMG the FANS are protesting!! Ack!!! So sorry, the next episode is coming shortly, we just had some life-going-ons this week that caused the delay.

  4. It's because we just can't wait!