Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Episode 11: The Rescue

Feeling bored today?  It's Who Noobs to the rescue!  That's right, this week we are covering Episode 11 of Doctor Who, which happens to be called "The Rescue"!  This is the story where the Doctor and Susan are captured by the Daleks, and Barbara and Ian come to the rescue!  With a super-special appearance by Johnny Cash.  What am I talking about, you say?  Well... tune in to find out!  Originally aired February 1, 1964, directed by Richard Martin.  Audio length: 53 mins 14 secs.

Stream - http://blip.tv/file/4148243
Download - http://blip.tv/file/get/Whonoobs-TheWhoNoobsEpisode11TheRescue610.mp3


  1. I have to say I am throughly impressed at what you are doing. I would not have thought covering the episodes one at a time would have proved so insightful but you do manage to do this every time. Most importantly, the fact that this is totally new to you helps to really make this work in a way any older fan of the show could not do.

    Some of the theories and questions you raise in the podcast actually floor me as a long time listener. They make me wonder why did I never think of that? At this early stage in the shows development you are already pondering and questioning on things that will be answered at a later date or are of yet unanswered, and it I am biting my tongue knowing that I can not answer those questions without spoiling them for you and ruining the wonder of the show.

    One point of thought you might want to ponder that I did think of as you were commenting on the whole story about the Daleks, keep in mind that the Tardis does travel through time and space. This is established at this point as fact. They have traveled to a point in time where there were cavemen and then went to a place were they encountered the Thals and Daleks. The first might have been earths past, but that was never really confirmed as fact, and then they went to an alien world. Even if we count the Daleks at the end of this story as a now dead race, this does not mean the Doctor, Susan, Barbara, and Ian can not meet them at some earlier point in history. Just some food for thought.

    I look forward to catching up to the current podcast at which point I will have some questions to ask you. Oh and please let me know if I am inadvertantly slipping up and spoiling anything for you.

  2. So far all of your comments are wonderful, silentsz. I don't think you've spoiled anything for us so far. As a matter of fact, I'm in a similar situation as yourself, since I'm having to avoid revealing things we've talked about in podcast episodes that you haven't listened to yet, haha!

    Though I don't recall if it was mentioned in the podcast at any point, my main assumption is that some or all of our forthcoming encounters with the Daleks will take place in an earlier timeframe for them. As I mentioned on air, the timetravel aspect is one of those open-ended "we can do anything the writers feel like" situations that irks me somewhat.

    As for the cavemen story taking place on Earth, I do point out in episode 13 that this is eventually confirmed.

    And I must add that it gives me great pleasure knowing that fans like yourself are in agony having to bite their tongue over certain things. Sometimes it can be a lot of fun being the one who ISN'T in the loop! :)


  3. As far as the first story from episode 2-4 being conclusively being confirmed as earth, as far as I alway knew, there was nothign to point to that this was earth. I just check on the official BBC website on the serial on this particular story and I feel like a fool for not noticing this small note on the location.

    A stretch of barren land [in Africa or the Asian steppes between the ice ages (non-glacial Europe would have been verdant), 500,000 BC-30,000 BC].

    I have looked at this page a number of times and it never fully registered, or I simply forgot about it. Lets call this an opps momment. ;p

    I can at a later point give you links to pages like this to help prevent spoilers on the stories. One note on the pages on the main site, they dio have links to some other topics, such as: the doctor's family, the Doctor's Doctorate, TARDIS Scanner, etc...
    It depends on the relevance to the story as to these links. I also have a few special fan made videos I will give you when they will not give you spoilers. You'll just have to wait for Babelcolours tribute to William Hartnell until after his last story. I may also cherry pick, to keep spoilers out other info on episodes, for trivia to help you better understand some episodes. As of right now, they were produced with a definate deadline. They had a short window of time to get everything ready which leads to some of the problems you see in these early episodes.

    Three more podcasts or maybe four if a new one comes out tommorrow, and I'll be caught up.