Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Episode 3: The Forest of Fear

This week the TARDIS crew members travel through "The Forest of Fear", in Episode 3 of Doctor Who.  Original airdate: December 7, 1963.  Starring William Hartnell as The Doctor.  Audio length: 48 mins 31 secs.



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  1. okay lets try this again since I thought I did post comments. Take 2

    Some thoughts on what you covered. I believe the escape did take place at night as they indicated the tribe was sleeping as well as the low level of lighting you noted.

    He is called the Doctor primarily due to that fact that they don't know who he is, hence the jokes you noted in the dialouge. Ian had called him Doctor Foreman as the students full name was Susan Foreman. The name was probably taken from the Junkyard in episode one, just look at the doors they entered. Without any 'name' given I think they simply call him the Doctor as they lack anything else to call him but I honestly don't recall if they call him that up to this point. Only thing I know for certain is Susan calls him Grandfather.

    The axes I don't recall being more then large stones held in the hands. Hence the mysteriously appearing axe given in the cave may simply been one picked up from the cave floor. Without watching this again, I am uncertain so I will just have to watch this again later.

    I just want to add another thing I forgot to mention about the recons I sugested. Johnnyfanboy uses the BBC audio of the missing episodes. They include naration to fill in the missing parts we would have seen. An actor on the serial was used to narate as well. He also uses any surviving clips of the shows from the cutting room floor, aka wat that television network thought was too violent for tv.

    Little trivia on the audio, A fan of the show was responsible for this. He apparently recorded it from the tv and later they were remastered and turned over to the BBC. I wish some fan would have filmed the broadcast as well but saddly that apparently has not happened. Some small editroom clips survive but saddly not the full episodes.