Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Episode 2: The Cave of Skulls

Doctor 'Twhosday' has arrived!  This week we cover the second classic Doctor Who episode, entitled "The Cave of Skulls".  The Doctor, Susan, Ian, and Barbara travel back to prehistoric times and find themselves encumbered by a "fiery" situation!  "The Cave of Skulls" was written by Anthony Coburn, directed by Waris Hussein, and originally aired November 30, 1963 on BBC.  This week, Doug provides the episode recap while Kevin adds commentary. Audio length: 35 min 01 sec.




  1. hey! -enjoyed your podcast.
    well done

  2. Thanks! We hope you keep listening!

  3. I am loving the podcast and how you are going noticing the small things in the series, such as the play on his name. I would name the particular part of the Tardis that failed but it will be mention eventually (I watched the episode to see if he named it to be sure). If you caught it right, the reason they called him Dr Foreman is due to the fact that that is the name of the junkyard they went to on toters lane.

    I am currious if you will be able to catch which actors who come back to pay other roles in the serial, such as the old woman. When I am not saying ;p per your request.

    Ye I did say this is a serial which is why we have those cliffhangers at the end of the half-hour show. I am almost going to have to watch the episode before you air the podcast to refresh my memory again on what you are covering. I am looking forward to catching up to your current podcast and enjoying the fresh new look of first time viewers even more.

  4. Yeah, we highly recommend watching the corresponding episodes before listening to each podcast. We get pretty detailed in some of our discussions of minutia (not even counting our even more esoteric allusions to other shows or media) and so I'm sure much of what we mention would be very confusing if you haven't seen the episode recently or at all.

  5. It is not that this is confusing, it just is my memory. I had forgotten that the Doctor had not mentioned the name of the part of the Tardis that creates the outside appearance. I watched the story and saw for myself that he had said what you noted in the episode. Therefore I had to check myself and not mention what it is called as per your request not to spoil anything for you.

    I am thinking about watching the episodes again just to refresh my memory since I am much further along in watching the show then you are. I currently am up to the last story of season five. I was trying to keep pace and get ahead of the Cadmium 2 podcasts since they were reviwing the whole story arc. They covered the seven part story of the daleks in one podcast unlike what you did by doing a podcast for each episode. I would recommend you listening to their podcast but they make mention of other parts of the show. You might enjoy their analysis butyou run the risk of spoilers on certain things.

    In anycase keep up the good work, tommorrow I may get a chance to listen to the third podcast.